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SketchDump - Peri by ex-cirkuu
SketchDump - Peri
Anyways, this originally started off as a random doodle during an event with a lot of sitting down and not doing much besides listening, and it kinda went off from there.

One month.

Took one month.

Because I have half the talent and twice the perfectionism.

fml Llama Emoji-65 (Blood Tears...) [V3] 
Sakaki Kana [1.0] by ex-cirkuu
Sakaki Kana [1.0]
I don't post here as frequently as I would like... or should.

I'm disappointed in myself. I wanted to do something elseish with this picture, but the staff I originally planned to give her never got into the final product. Well, at least it'll serve as a starting point for something.

Like the design for a specific character and the female uniform... why do I default to this design?

Drawn: August 15, 18; 2015
Cleaned: August 19, 2015
Swordsman 1 by ex-cirkuu
Swordsman 1
And the last of the three of those random sketches. He seems too short for my liking. Anyways!

Well, besides being one of the two PoV characters to stay PoV characters, he's also one of four characters I've salvaged from a fairly old fanfic idea that sucked in hindsight. The concept was simple: fast, skilled, but fragile.

I then gave him a personality and some new clothes.

Anyways, he's similar in that he's more comfortable with heavier swords, wielding bastard swords with one hand as opposed to short swords and daggers. The similarities end there, though; with a dabbling in magic enchanting as well as a build ill-suited for tanking hits, he's better off doing hit-and-run maneuvers.
Soldier 1 by ex-cirkuu
Soldier 1
Another sketch I made... around the same time as the other two?

She's a bit of an interesting character... well, concerning how she started out. She started out as a minor character that would've died midway, to a secondary character that is one of two choices for one of the main PoV characters, to a PoV character herself with a mighty glacier build. Not bad for someone who was supposed to die.

As for combat, her unnatural resilience allows her to wade into the thick of combat, and while not she's not the strongest in the world, she's comfortable with carrying and wielding fairly heavy stuff.

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